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April 6 Youth movementAt the end of 2007 emerged a call for a general strike in Mahalla spinning factory if their demands were not met.. And many of the activists caught the call and thought of the development of a general strike for the people of Egypt, and many of the political forces agreed on the idea of a general strike for the people of Egypt.
And the success of the strike call on April 6, 2008 and the unexpected response that occurred is due to many factors and the most prominent and most important reason is the situation of extreme tension, among all people all because of massive price rises in the prices and the stability of salaries and excessive involves in taking random decisions .. In addition to the presence of young people who responded to the call and the strike began in the development and dissemination of all modern methods and one of the most important of which was the site of the famous Facebook site.
And the causes of tension still exist and has been on the rise and significant and, of course, will not go away in the  succession of these governments that follow the same rules of the same party and who do not wish for any real reform and insist on sedatives to keep the status as it is.
If we consider that April 6, 2008 is the first step in an inclusive event,that gathered tens of thousands of youth members who do not belong to any political trends,and also different people from different categories responded to the strike,the major and important step in the long journey of change and an important step in the project of the awakening of the people and positive return for Egyptian youth.
And if we know the fact that the strike, was not an end in itself, but the means to promote a culture of peaceful protest and to encourage people to claim for their legitimate rights.
If we put all this in consideration then next April 6 is the next second step and it is also complementary to the backlogs that have occurred since the beginning of 2005, we can consider it the second step in the major re-awakening of the Egyptian youth and collecting them on one demand, and the second step in the reconstruction project and the positive spirit of belonging in our youth.
Therefore we must accumulate and build on what happened in the previous strike and develop the concept and update it.
Although many political analysts expect the protests to stop after April 6, 2008 strike as result of the violence in Mahalla caused by the Ministry of the Interior.
But the practical reality is otherwise,.. Protests and strikes continuing and increasing .. And also there is a sudden transformation of many of the social demands of many of the categories to political demands in the first place as an enhancement of the rule that does not separate the political demands from the social and economic demands.
And we have called for a new strike on April 6, 2009 and claimed many of the associations and many of them responded to the call to strike, such as the trade union organizations, which suffer from the government or the imposition of arbitrary detention, in addition to the students who organized a student strike to achieve the demands that they asked for on last February 21 to improve methods and conditions of university education and lowering the prices of academic books and expenses and exit Guard university in accordance with an order to cancel and eliminate the current students’ regulations which destroyed the Egyptian education system .. There are also many other groups and communities and political forces that announced participating in the day April 6, through a multi-protest to express their anger at the situation.
And on April 6 there is a great opportunity for a new day for uniting people and therefore we call on all political parties and trade unions and political forces and all social groups and all communities suffering from problems due to the domination and the tyranny of the ruling party to announce that April 6 is the day of the Declaration of public anger by all peaceful means as a step through to the organization of a strike to achieve the peaceful change …
And we on the point that the Ministry of the Interior’s role that day is to do its role to protect the real property and facilities, and not attacking the people, who are practising their legitimate rights by peaceful protests since the start of repression and violence only begets violent reaction.. And the pressure leads only to  explosion..

And let every category choose the means of protest that suits it, and it fits in the beginning with the strike and sit-ins and protest stances … And ending with the invocation of the symbolic statements and demands.
As for us .. Of course we will not repent our love for our country … And, of course, we will not repent our dream of changing it by every means of peaceful resistance.
Let us on April 6, 2009 is a day of anger for all the political forces and trade unions and groups and individuals.
Let’s make April 6, 2009 a new day of the Union of all the categories on the idea of claiming legitimate rights.
Let’s make April 6, 2009 the beginning of the real coalition of all national political forces.
Let our motto on next April 6 be … it is our right and we will take it…

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