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The big database software company’s agreement Monday to buy Sun for $7.4 billion, analysts say, also promises to make Oracle a more formidable competitor in the lucrative market for corporate computing, especially against I.B.M., Sun’s previous suitor.
The Oracle-Sun deal came little more than two weeks after I.B.M. ended its talks with Sun. The Sun board balked after I.B.M. lowered its offer to $9.40 a share from $10. The Oracle bid, at $9.50 a share, will have a net cost to Oracle of $5.6 billion, after accounting for the value of Sun’s cash and debt.

Lunedì Oracle ha acquistat0  Sun Microsystems per 7.4 miliardi di dollari: qualcuno per caso mi saprebbe garantire OpenOffice e MySQL per il futuro? Oh, sette miliardi e mezzo di dollari con la crisi che imperversa negli States son soldoni eh!